Marven is a Motivational Speaker and trainer on Student Mental Health and Trauma. Marven builds effective teacher-student relationships through mentoring and coaching


Suicide Prevention Training & Crisis Intervention in Schools

Unfortunately, here is how this usually works: Another day in the office working on the website and an email comes in from a Chief of Police. The message says this, “A neighboring district has a teen murdered at school, We want to touch our students on School Violence Prevention AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Please help.”

Marven is a certified emotional counselor.

Marven feels this is the best Violence Prevention method because of the simplicity and that everyone can be a part of the solution.  Everyone will become Gatekeepers and they will learn the tools necessary to intervene and save a life or many.

Considering Marven for a FULL DAY in your School Community? 

Consider TWO FULL DAYS because clearly ONE DAY isn’t enough!

  • Student Motivation
  • Teen Mental Health – Anxiety and Depression Workshops
  • Teen Suicide, Teen Suicide Prevention, and Teen Crisis Intervention
  • Teen Bullying, Cyber-Bullying, Texting, Sexting, and Social Media
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • Families, Friends, and thy Self
  • Self-Esteem and Self-Respect
  • Violence and Gangs
  • Internet Safety
  • Emotional counseling

Equipping the teacher Workshops:

Your teaching Professionals will learn:

  • Understanding Suicide
  • Warning Signs
  • Examples of Direct Verbal Warning Signs
  • Examples of Indirect or Coded Verbal Clues
  • Examples of Behavioral Warning Signs or Clues
  • Situational Clues
  • Depression and its link to Suicide
  • How to Approach a Potential Suicidal Student
  • How to handle a Student who Refuses Help
  • How to Set up A Crisis Plan
  • Planting Seeds of Hope to the Student and the Families
  • Walking with wounded Children( Counseling training for teachers and parents)

Workshop Objectives:

This training workshops  are designed for persons who teach who lead or work in schools, its’ main goal being to understand how pupils management works and creating a better and safe learning experience for the students by motivating them to do the right things.

Motivation Management it’s a methodology that gives the students the abilities and know-how of creating classrooms with great bonding, productivity and more fun and motivation.
Since a new generation takes over the schools, it is necessary to understand how to motivate younger individuals and increase the efficiency of learning by 10-21% in 6 months


Enhance Your School Culture by Building Intentional and Purposeful Leaders

Exit Programs for Grade 10-12’s  |  High School Students (Thinking about what’s next?)

This workshop is designed for students to prepare for educational opportunities within career prep or university path, and to understand their choices in terms of their interest and aptitudes. The goal is for students to make better choices prior to later college or employment paths.

Marven tailors his in-school career workshops to suit the needs of students in different stages of their education and career. For senior students, our career workshops are focused on taking the next step after year 12, whether that be further education, entering the workforce or something else entirely.

The core-focus of these workshops is to empower students to make their decision by giving them all the information they need and preparing them for their next step.

Marven has a workshop for younger students (typically Year 8, 9 and 10) who might be preparing to enter the workforce for the first time.

In this highly interactive workshop, Marven works with students on applying and interviewing for jobs and what to expect when they finally land their gig. Marven teaches them the important things about how to make sure they’re getting paid, how to manage their hours and most important, how to leave a good impression with and earn a good reference from their employers.

Marven will fix your current resume or create a brand new one so you stand out of the pack.

Not sure what you really want to do or confused about the next step in your career? You may benefit from career coaching, one of Marven’s specialty services. Marven can advise you on job trends in your industry, guide you on potential career paths or help you make the career choice you’ve always dreamed of.

In the digital world, your personal brand is everything. To take your career to the next level, it’s vital you have an online brand you can be proud of. Marven can help polish all the places your name appears online to make sure your personal presence is an asset for your career (yes, even on social media!)

Marven’s  School programs is aimed at giving students the skills they need to succeed in the workplace, from applying for and securing jobs to planning their next move.