Helping your Leaders Grow | Menu of Training Workshops:

  • “Get Along; Work Happy”

    This training is essential for those companies wanting to create a “Fun” working environment and improving their employee’s interpersonal relationships. Teams will learn hands on about conflict resolution, stress management, and communication skills.

  • “Can’t Wait till Monday!”

    As the name implies, this training is about breaking patterns of negativity in order to get oneself motivated through our perspectives, sense of humor, and daily practices.

  • “Ethnic Diversity”

    The modern workplace is melting pot of a multitude of generations. Employees from different generations come to the workplace with their own generational uniqueness and intricacies. In this course we get to better understand the characteristics of each generation, how they function and how to get these different generations to form functional teams.

  • “Conflict management in the workplace”

    Do you have a low tolerance level when it comes to conflict?Do your “buttons” get pressed by certain people and situations?

    Conflict is part of life.  Every day we face challenges that we need to handle or accept.  Life is difficult.  We need a bag of tools that we can access when there is a challenging situation that we face.

    In this course you will explore what conflict is.  You will be made aware of how communication can get wrongly interpreted and how messages can be translated. Marven will help you uncover different personality types to understand how one’s “lens” can improve the decoding of messages.

Unplug, Disengage and Disconnect: How to Create Balance in Your Work and Your Life

Your leaders will learn how to get out from under the overwhelming pressure, demands, and stress of their jobs and be able to maintain a healthy work-life balance.