Operational Strategist-Performance coach- Motivational Speaker

Raising performance, together.

Marven Shuta is a high caliber, powerfully energetic motivational speaker and Leadership trainer. His warm, relaxed style wins over audiences quickly. Marven provides motivational speaking, corporate training and Leadership development packages to organizations. Marven propels and inspires managers and employees to reach for success. His training programs for CEO’s, managers, supervisors and lay staff are strategically designed to increase both corporate and individual work performances. Marven’s training programs challenges establishments to adopt practical leadership principles and people focused strategies as their culture. Marven pilots personnel development and corporate training programs at many trade associations and speak frequently to different groups. Marven is also a former hotel manager, Franchise manager and team player in the business sector abroad & in South Africa. Marven has been published in business publications, streamed on international radio programs, and participated in panels discussing the state of today’s workplace. He is constantly exploring industries that are voracious for growth, and he persistently provides motivation for their professional development. He has travelled nineteen different countries including the USA, UK, Scotland, Jamaica and Columbia, playing an integral role in leadership development & many other transformational programs. Marven believes in the power of being an entrepreneur and ethical leadership. Marven has a strong background of academic and ethical leadership. His passion is to help others develop the same skills to raise organizational performance.


Marven has experience working with organizations across the globe.

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